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Share YOUR Local History with #MyBerksHistory!

Share YOUR Local History with #MyBerksHistory!

The Berks History Center and BCTV are excited to announce the launch of #MyBerksHistory on May 13, 2017. #MyBerksHistory is a collaborative, community “oral history” project inviting all those across Berks County to upload videos and photos sharing their local history through BCTV’s SoLo app.

The Berks History Center is dedicated to preserving and sharing Berks County’s rich history. #MyBerksHistory is an opportunity to share the untold stories of local history that matter to our community. Using the BCTV SoLo app, citizens can easily share their stories on a ‘social, local’ platform that was introduced by the community media organization in 2016. #MyBerksHistory stories on SoLo can be commented on by users of the app, as well as shared on other social media platforms.

Participants may choose to upload a story using one of the Berks History Center’s prompts or an original idea. Stories can be from the past or present; the only criteria is that they represent the local history of Berks County. Photo submissions should include written text explaining the photo’s significance. The Berks History Center invites all those with a connection to Berks County to contribute. 

Visit for story starters and an example story. 

Participants are encouraged to use the hashtag #myberkshistory with their uploads and also when sharing to their social media. Story submissions will be featured on BCTV’s website; select submissions will be shared on the Berks History Center’s Facebook page: Each month a “monthly favorite” will be highlighted on Berks History Center’s BCTV program, which airs on the first Wednesday of every month.

The SoLo app is free to download on Apple and Android devices.



For more information on #MyBerksHistory, visit or contact Alexis Campbell at 610-375-4375 or [email protected]. To learn more about using the SoLo app please visit or contact Heather Adams, Executive Director of BCTV at [email protected].