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Enroll Now in Upgraded Berks Alert Notification System

Enroll Now in Upgraded Berks Alert Notification System

The Department of Emergency Services is pleased to announce the roll out of a new upgraded Berks Alert mass notification system.

During serious emergencies, public safety officials will release information by using the BERKS ALERT program. The message will then be delivered to the devices that are registered in the system. While the most important messaging, such as that related to disaster response actions, will be sent to any device registered, individuals participating in the system may also “opt-in” to certain other categories about which they desire notifications. These categories include severe weather watches, amber alerts, road closures, and general community news.

When an individual registers for this service, they will be prompted to enter their home address and the address of other locations of interest (such as a child’s day care center, school, or a place of business).. Alerts that are appropriate to these locations of interest will then be sent to the subscriber’s registered device(s).

Get local alerts about emergencies, severe weather, and road closures on your cell or email. When situations arise in Berks County that may affect you and your family, Berks Alert lets local officials notify you quickly. 

To register, go to, select register now and follow the subscriber registration instructions provided for you on the berks alert page.

Should you have any questions or need assistance registering, please contact the berks alert team at [email protected] or by calling 610-374-4800.