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You may have heard of therapy before, but have you ever heard of a therapy where all you need to do is relax and let your mind be completely open? At Berks Hypnosis and Counseling Services located in West Reading, they are a counseling place with a specialty in hypnotherapy. Owner Dr. David Arena has been practicing hypnotherapy for over twenty-seven years and he describes it best as “Hypnotherapy is like mediation on steroids, it being an inwardly relaxed, focused on some permanent change”. I find it to be like that moment when you lay down to go to sleep and you are falling asleep but if someone would call your name, you are right back to reality. It is a nice type of therapy because you are in control of what you take out of the session.

At the office, their focus is to help change old habits in new ways than what the clients may have tried before. Many clients that have tried in their own ways that have not worked are finding this new approach to be more beneficial. Arena says, “Hypnotherapy can provide immediate relief of long standing symptoms and problems that have been difficult to change via conscious methods”. Some of the more popular types of habits that they try to stop are smoking, weight loss, anxiety and many other types of habits that can be broken through hypnotherapy. The key to relieving the habit is that the client must want the habit to end. Most of the clients can see complete relief from the old habit after just one session of therapy. Finding a way to end your bad habits in a way you can trust is more powerful than going at it alone.

A lot of the clients let us know that they feel lighter as soon as they wake up from the trance. One client has even stated, “Hypnotherapy was like a massage for the brain”. The way that the instructors talk to the client relaxes them so fast that they just feel like they can accomplish anything by themselves. They know they have the resources to accomplish the goal of eliminating their habit on their own thanks to this unique way of therapy. The great thing about hypnotherapy is that the clients can think back on their session whenever they are alone or have some down time to be rested and that can help them with the reinforcement of not wanting to do their habit again.  

Hypnotherapy has been around for a while but is still not known as a major type of therapy. My hope is that people gain a better understanding of this unique therapy that helps people discover the strength inside themselves to end the habit. If this article does anything, I hope it encourages people to go out and not only learn more about hypnotherapy but also to learn more about themselves. It is important to try new things and be open to new kinds of opportunities to try and better our selves any way we can.