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Residents of Manor at Market Square Celebrate Their 75th Wedding Anniversary

Residents of Manor at Market Square Celebrate Their 75th Wedding Anniversary

READING, Pa. – Manor at Market Square would like to congratulate residents Carl and Mabel Eschleman on their 75th wedding anniversary.

The Eschleman’s love story began when their lives intersected one afternoon on North Fifth Street in Reading, while Mabel was taking a stroll with her girlfriend.

Her eyes lit up as she reminisced about their meet-cute.

“This car pulled up, it had three men in this little convertible,” she said, giggling. “They knew my girlfriend; so they talked to us a little bit. They were going to a carnival down in Mohnton and asked if we would join them.”

When asked if they recalled their first impressions of one another, Carl said with a smile, “I knew I was in love.” Mabel thought he had good-looking hands. “That impressed me,” she said reaching for his hands.

The couple, who shared the rumble seat of the little convertible that first afternoon, dated for over a year before arranging to be married. Carl had come home on leave from the Army Air Corps when the two wed on January 28, 1943, at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, located at Fourth and Windsor Streets in Reading. It was a cold and cloudy day that threatened of snow.

They faced ups and downs just like any other married couple. With Carl away, Mabel occupied her time with work and writing letters. She would join him in California for seven months, making the journey to the West Coast on her own by bus. 

When asked what they thought the most challenging and rewarding part of being married was, Mabel shared “I think, just day-to-day—handling things together, overcoming differences and learning how to adapt to one another,” she said.

If anyone is looking for the secret to marriage, “fall in love and stay in love,” said Carl.

The Eschleman’s have two sons, Ronald and Jeffrey (dec.); two grandchildren, Johnnie and Charles; and two great-grandchildren, Haley and Jeffrey. 

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Manor at Market Square’s chef will prepare the couple with a romantic, candle-lit dinner of their choice and dessert, complete with an intimate dining setting adorned with fresh flowers.