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ABA National Burn Awareness Week February 4-10, 2018

Feb 01, 2018 • by American Burn Association
American Burn Association

Each year, over 486,000 individuals were seen in emergency departments, minor emergency clinics or physician’s offices for the treatment of a burn injury in the United States and Canada. In 2016 alone, there were 3,390 recorded deaths from fire and smoke inhalation injuries. The majority of these injuries were preventable. This is why the American Burn Association and its Burn Prevention Committee wants to bring awareness to the cause of such devastating and costly injuries and encourage the public to make simple environmental and behavioral changes that has proven to mitigate this problem.

Using the term “M. O. B.,” (Mechanisms of Burn) for the national campaign, the many ways in which a burn injury may occur is addressed. The campaign’s unique approach features a law and order motif. The many causes of burns (Flame, scald, electrical, etc.) are identified as “criminals” being sought after by “Police Commissioner Sean O’Safety.” Fire and Life Safety Educators, parents and others are given the opportunity to explore the various ways in which a “criminal” may cause a burn. Specific topics address the mechanism of injury for various age groups and persons with disabilities.

For example, Larry “The Steamer” Liquids, may cause a burn in a different manner to a young child, then an older adult; or William “The Wire” Electricity may cause an electrical injury in many forms. By arming themselves with the knowledge of the many different ways a burn injury could occur, individuals may take the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment for themselves and their loved ones.

“We are really excited about this new initiative of the Burn Prevention Committee of the ABA” said Dr. Linwood Haith, President of the ABA. “This Committee has worked tirelessly to raise awareness that burn injuries can be prevented,” he said.

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