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Women’s Winter Retreat

Women’s Winter Retreat

A U3 Women’s Inspiration Retreat will be held Saturday, February 17 from 11AM to 5PM.

What inspires you? How do you recharge your soul in the darkness of winter? This one day mini-retreat will focus on finding Your Inspiration and Brightening the remaining Winter Days. 

The women of U3 are inviting you for a day filled with all the things that inspire you… vision boards, art, music, spirit and, of course, the warmth of women coming together in a mini-retreat focused on finding your inspiration!

Price for this event include all workshops, lunch, snacks & refreshments for the day plus craft materials.

For pricing and to make reservations please call the numbers below.

Only 16 spaces available!

You could be the winner of the FREE MASSAGE GIVEAWAY!

Information & Reservations:

EJ at 610-413-5932

Becky at 570-581-0216