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BCTV Featured Producers: Kayla Krott & Bob Hoffmaster

BCTV Featured Producers: Kayla Krott & Bob Hoffmaster

Name of our Program:

Workers in Berks

Favorite thing about being a BCTV Producer?

Being able to educate the community on important topics and current issues affecting Berks County and to inform the public on the facts vs. rumors, what’s right vs. what’s wrong. Also being able to help push the Labor Movement forward and giving hard workings families the most up to date information and resources.

When I am not on BCTV, you can find me:

President Bob Hoffmaster making dance videos with his grandkids and at a baseball game with his nephew. Find Administrative Manager, Kayla Krott playing with her son, Elliot, catching frogs or jumping in mud puddles, in the yoga studio, or volunteering with United Way’s Emerging Leaders United!

Name a Celebrity you would like to interview on your program:

Bruce Springsteen so he could sing BORN IN THE USA.