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Reading Downtown Improvement District Ambassadors Report

Reading Downtown Improvement District Ambassadors Report

There’s always a lot going on in the Reading Downtown Improvement District. That’s why we would like to start sharing with you a monthly Ambassadors Report that reflects all that we’re doing to keep Center City safe, clean, and green.

The reports are prepared by Chris Vazquez, our Ambassador’s Manager, who works for the firm that we contract with for Ambassador services, Streetplus. Chris presents these reports to our Board of Directors at their monthly meetings. For instance, for the July Board meeting, Chris presented the June report.

The June report shows a major uptick in several categories, especially when comparing this year’s second quarter statistics with those of the second quarter of 2017. They include:

The number of trash bags we collected increased by more than 2,000 compared to last year, and the number of pounds of trash jumped by a whopping 65,600 pounds.Safety patrols increased by nearly 1,000.The addition of new street cleaning equipment, known as Billy Goats, have boosted the number of hours used to 586 from 148.Our weed abatement program saw a hike in the number of blocks weeded to 46 from 16 (and of course we’re not done yet with all this wet weather!)

We encourage you to take a look at the other information compiled in this report by clicking here. It’s a very insightful document that shows just how much we’re doing every month to make downtown Reading vibrant, attractive, and safe.