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What Vitamins Should Women Take Daily?

Nov 08, 2018 • by Sinéad Gallagher, Alvernia University

It is important for everyone to make sure their bodies are getting the vitamins and nutrition they need. At times, it may be difficult to make sure you are getting all the vitamins you need through what you eat which is why taking vitamin supplements is very beneficial. How are women supposed to know which vitamins are best for them? According to some of the most important vitamins that women should make sure they have are: antioxidants, B vitamins, vitamin D, and vitamin K. 

Antioxidants consist of  vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These vitamins protect you from free radicals which are tiny particles that your body makes that tear cells apart. Your body is exposed to these radials by certain chemicals, smoking, pollution, and radiation. Antioxidants have many health benefits and may decrease the risk of larger health problems and can delay aging. Beta-carotene changes into vitamin A by your body. This nutrient can help eyesight, soft tissue, and skin. You can get this nutrient in foods such as pumpkins, red peppers, cantaloupe, kale, carrots, and more. Vitamin C assists the body in producing more red blood cells and helps heal wounds. It can also boost the levels of noradrenaline which will increase concentration and make you more alert. With increasing age and stress, ascorbic acid levels decrease which is why it is important to give the body vitamin C. Vitamin E can keep the body healthy because it has the compound tocotrienols and can also slow signs of aging down.

Vitamin B is also beneficial to the body. Vitamin B6 is necessary to keep your brain working properly and to help your body change food into energy known as metabolism. It can be dangerous if too much is consumed so it is best to receive this vitamin by eating foods such as bananas, avocadoes, beans, fish, potatoes, and more. Vitamin B12 is also important for metabolism and red blood cell production. It can be found in food like cheese, eggs, meat ,fish, and yogurt. Older women, vegetarians, or those who suffer from anemia should make sure that they are putting this vitamin into their body. Folic acid helps to build a healthy brain and spinal cord. It also is the reason DNA and RNA are the building blocks of cells. Folic acid also aids in preventing changes that can lead to cancer. To prevent anemia and to produce normal blood cells, folic acid is essential.

Vitamin D is a vitamin that also works as a hormone. It can help move calcium and phosphorus into the blood stream. This is important because this will keep your bones strong. Medical doctor Erin Michos who is the associate director at the John Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease explains why vitamin D is important for women’s health. She states, “People with low blood levels of vitamin D have a greater risk of a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, diabetes or high blood pressure later in life”. When the body is lacking vitamin D, it will take calcium and phosphorus from your bones which has many health risks. This will eventually make your bones weaker and thinner along with lead to conditions such as osteoporosis that outs you at risk for fractures.

Vitamin K is especially important for older women. This is because it can help avoid blood clots and keep bones heathy and strong. Leafy greens, soybean oil, broccoli, spinach and fish oil are all great sources for vitamin K. Megan Ware RDN LD states that, “Deficiency is rare, bur, in severe cases, it can increase clotting time, leading to hemorrhage and excessive bleeding.”

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