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Therapeutic Riding in Reinholds, PA

by Calie Kraft, Alvernia University, citizen contributor

Nov 12, 2018
Triangle Therapeutic Riding

You walk into a therapeutic riding facility, and these smiles are the first thing you experience. Nowadays, it is hard to find places that are genuine, caring, and loving. All of which you can see at Triangle Therapeutic Riding in Reinholds, PA. It is a place where all ages can go and ride that are veterans or have disabilities. This facility relies heavily on volunteers. This practice impacts the riders. They learn balance, responsibility, improve their confidence, and so much more. It is one place where they feel free from what sometimes holds them back. Other places they may feel like an outcast, but here they get to shine and are included in every detail. The owner, Laura Rutledge, explains how Triangle Therapeutic Riding (TTR) “improves their body” while those with disabilities ride. Therapeutic riding allows those with physical disabilities to improve their muscles and coordination.

Not only are those with physical disabilities getting help from this place, but those with mental disabilities as well. TTR has a veterans night, where veterans come and ride around the arena. It allows them to clear their minds and feel relaxed. It also allows a place for them to socialize with others that have faced some of the difficulties they have experienced. This facility provides a place of equal opportunities. It is a place where everyone is welcome and treated the same.

TTR uses positive reinforcements in their lessons. You will hear the words “Great steering,” “Awesome job,” and “You did great today.” These words build up each rider. They encourage the riders and show them kindness. Everyone that works here has a genuine heart. The workers and volunteers are often at the barn for many hours, starting with feeding the horses, prepping them for lessons, and then giving the lessons. If their hearts were not in it, they would not pay attention to all the details that they do. They work together to get the job done. Each rider is assigned side walkers, ensuring they are safe while riding.

The riders feel the reward for their efforts and always strive to do their best. While here, they see just exactly all that they are capable of doing. They build friendships and look forward to coming back for their next lesson. You will see at the end of each lesson that each rider is expected to untack their horse. This facility is teaching them responsibility. For this barn, it isn’t just about giving the riders a form of therapy. They are impacting their daily lives. On their website at, their vision statement is, “To continually improve our client skills and objectives by offering flexible, innovative person-centered programming.”

The riders are not the only ones that feel the impacts at TTR. These lessons also impact the volunteers. They feel the benefits of helping those in the community. They also get to experience the radiant light that all of these riders give off. The smiles and laughter heard at these lessons are enough to make anyone’s day better. The riders learn from the therapists and volunteers, and the therapists and volunteers learn from the riders. It is as if the not only the riders receive therapy, but the workers do as well.

After talking to one rider’s parents, they had explained to me that other places had bland, repetitive lessons. At TTR, the lessons improved the rider each week and are always exciting and engaging. Mary Kohler reviewed the facility on Facebook and explained how it is a “[f]irst class barn. This barn is a place of peace and healing. Yet cutting edge! For the able bodied rider as well as those with physical and emotional needs. Laura rocks!! Laura really understands therapeutic riding!”

The facility is making an impact on the families in the community. It is a professional place, while still fun to go to TTR. This facility can provide something to everyone. Whether it be a smile that brightens your day or your child getting therapy that will impact their life for years to come.

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