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Tips on Shooting, Editing & Using Video on a BCTV program

When shooting video with a phone, point and shoot camera or mobile device:

Shooting tips:

Editing Tip:

If you are shooting something you wish BCTV to edit, our preferred file format is .mov.  If you are delivering a different file format, please give us a test file to make sure we can use it.  Generally speaking .mp4 files are not preferred.  Please allow two weeks for BCTV to edit your video due to staff scheduling requirements.  (Other time frames can be arranged with approval, but are not guaranteed.)

If you are creating a video on your own that you do not need BCTV to edit, most formats are acceptable (the most common being .mov, .mp4, .avi).  You may play those videos from our studio laptop during your program.

If the video you wish to play during your program needs to be streamed from the internet via YouTube, another website or service, please be aware that internet connections are not always stable.  If for unforeseen reasons bandwidth is not available or the internet goes down your video may stutter or not play at all.  The safest way to play a video during your program is to have the actual video file with you on a USB drive or DVD.

You may also deliver video files to us ahead of time, so that we can have it loaded onto our studio laptop in advance.  This way we are sure it will play in advance.  Getting video files to us in advance helps us to ensure your program starts on time considering the short 5 minute or less transition time between live programs.

Whenever possible please submit videos for programs at least two business days in advance.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.  We are happy to help or give suggestions.