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Career Development = Workforce Development = Economic Development

from Career Ready Berks

Career Development = Workforce Development = Economic Development

As a community, we are charged to provide pathways to more than 70,000 Berks County students to help shape their career decisions.

Career Ready Berks is an alliance developed by Berks County School Districts, Post-Secondary Institutions, Businesses and local business organizations to provide information, resources, and training programs to the 70,000 students in Berks County.

Berks County businesses, we need your help!  Please consider providing experiences, opportunities, and resources to the Berks County K-12 students.

Career Ready Berks puts your business or organization in touch with local educators, who are trying to connect the business community to their classroom, school, and students.  By offering career building experiences to Berks County students, you will be able to interact with them directly and let them know what skills they should be learning and perfecting to excel in your workplace.   Essentially, you can help shape our local workforce and ensure we have more informed students, a more skilled workforce, and a brighter future for the Greater Reading Area and Berks County.

Please consider becoming part of the alliance to provide equitable access to career readiness opportunities to all of our Berks County students. If you can provide an experience or would like more information, please contact Stacy Dunleavy, Program Administrator, Office of Professional Development & Curriculum at 610-987-8496 or [email protected]

Take a moment to watch the following video to get an in-depth look at our mission, and visit