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Food for the Mind: A Look at Some Brain-boosting Foods

from Senior LIFE

Food for the Mind: A Look at Some Brain-boosting Foods

Research has found that many foods can help boost cognition, memory, and other aspects of brain health. Below is  information about how your diet can help your brain, and some brain-boosting foods you can incorporate into your diet.

Your Brain on Food – Why Brain-boosting Foods are Important

It’s long been said that food fuels the body. Our brains are like the engines to our body, and, just like an expensive car, they need premium fuel, i.e. healthy foods. Simply put, what you eat does matter to your brain health.

Studies have found that the foods you eat do affect how your brain functions. Diet-related disorders, including obesity and diabetes, negatively influence an individual’s cognitive function – meaning that more effort is needed for complex decision-making tasks.

The worst foods that you can eat for brain health include refined carbs,  foods high in trans-fat, processed food,  aspartame, alcohol, and fish high in mercury.

Diets high in sugar have also been shown to impact the brains insulin receptors. This undermines spatial learning abilities and memory skills.

The Best Brain-boosting Foods

There is good news when it comes to brain health.  A healthy change in diet can positively impact our brain functionality.  Here are 12 food products to incorporate into your diet that can help your brain run its best:

Oily Fish high in Omega 3s – this include salmon, tuna, and sardines

Dark Chocolate


Nuts and Seeds

Whole Grains







Soy Products

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Ready to Boost Your Brain? Focus on Food

The brain often takes a backseat to body appearance and gut health when we talk about eating well. But our brains are the organ responsible for our thinking, motor function, and so much more. It’s important that we incorporate brain-boosting foods into our lives.

When you start to eat well, you may find you’re your ability to remember and focus on tasks improves. A clean, unprocessed diet will leave you feeling better in both body and mind.

Can Senior LIFE Help with My Nutritional Needs?

At Senior LIFE, we specialize in the healthcare of seniors so that they can remain living in their homes for as long as possible. We know a thing or two when it comes to senior health. One question we get often from our members is whether we can help them with diet. And the answer is a resounding yes!

To read more about Senior LIFE services, please visit us our services pages.