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Old Time Plow Boys celebrate 30 years at their Summer Show

by Alyse Mitten

Old Time Plow Boys celebrate 30 years at their Summer Show

Kutztown, PA — Tractors and farming implements from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, they are considered antiques. Who would pour time and money into keeping their equipment in pristine condition? The members of the Old Time Plow Boys. This 200 member organization started in May of 1990 by a group of local farmers who just wanted to see if the old tractors and equipment they owned could still be used to work the fields. Their first gathering was held on May 6 with thirteen tractors showing up at the farm fields of Arian and Pauline Seidel in Mertztown. They had so much fun that they formed a club and in their first show was held at the Lichtenwalner farm the first weekend in August in conjunction with Das Awkscht Fescht.

Here they are, 30 years later, with the daughter of Arian and Pauline Seidel, chairing the event. Cindy Herbein experienced the club in good times and not so good times, growing up with the Club.

The shows have moved from member’s farms to where they are today, the PA German Heritage Center which is part of the Kutztown University. This year’s Summer Show will be held on August 10 and 11 beginning at 10 a.m. The members farm the fields located on the Kutztown University land. During the 30th Annual Summer Show, those attending will have the opportunity to see how the fields have progressed since their Spring Plow Show on our wagon rides to the fields.

When asked what will be happening at the 30th Annual Summer Show, Cindy shared, “Our Spring Show is a time for our members to enjoy using their tractors to open the fields. The public just benefits from being able to watch them. The Summer Show was created to educate the public about farming and the heritage of antique farm equipment.” “This year’s Summer Show is going to be extra special as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary through special recognition of past members and our current members.” “We will begin our 30th Anniversary events with a memorial service beginning Saturday at 10:00 a.m. with Reverend Gene Smith officiating. We will be recognizing our past members who have passed away as well as recognition of our founding members.” Duane Otto, President of the Club also shared, “We have some special surprises lined up for the 30th Annual Summer Show. Some new items will be added to the garden in honor of our thirty years. You have to come to the event to see what changes are going to happen.”

Cindy shared, “We are planning to have all sorts of demonstrations at the event just like we do when we are at the Kutztown Folk Festival which will include our thrasher, bailer, and corn sheller.” “There will be music both days, kid’s events, tractor pulls, pedal tractor pulls for all ages, or daily tractor parade and, don’t forget the great homemade food. In fact, stop by for our $1 hot dog special. To add more of a variety of vehicles to see, there will be a car and truck cruise on Saturday starting at 3:00 pm. Those wanting to participate may come at any time and we are encouraging all years, makes and models of cars.”

Come out, touch a tractor or two, help make a bail of straw, shuck some corn, and join them at their 30th Annual Summer Show on August 10 and 11 at the Pennsylvania German Heritage Center in Kutztown. Activities begin at 10 a.m. on both days. The Old Time Plow Boys Club prides itself in preserving the heritage of farm tractors and implements. You don’t need to own a tractor to become a member and they are always looking for new members to help continue their cause. What sometimes happens is you join the club, fall in love with a certain make and model of a tractor and before you know it, there is one sitting in your garage.