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City of Reading Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Grant Pilot Program

by City of Reading

Sep 18, 2019

The City of Reading recognizes that the maintenance and repair of sidewalks within the City is necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents and visitors. The Reading, PA Code of Ordinances states that the Department of Public Works is required to “Provide for inspection and related procedures to assure proper maintenance and repair of sidewalks in accordance with municipal ordinances.” (Sec. 5-811.D (13}}

The Pennsylvania Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act, Sect. 42Pa.CS.A. 8541,states that property owners are responsible for installation, repair and dangerous conditions. Insomuch as many residential homeowners cannot afford to repair sidewalks adjacent to their property, and the City has received numerous complaints each year regarding sidewalks in need of repair, this pilot program was developed to assist single family homeowners with the financial burden of repairing the sidewalks in front of and adjacent to their homes.

It is noted that the City is submitting a Commonwealth Financing Authority Multimodal Transportation Fund Program Grant application for the Buttonwood Gateway West Project which will include sidewalk repair in this distressed neighborhood.


All applications will be reviewed against the eligibility matrix (see Attachment II). Applications will only be accepted from owner occupied, single family dwellings. Applications will be reviewed and prioritized by Department of Community Development and/or Department of Public Works staff. Incomplete applications will not be accepted, and the City may require additional information from the homeowner. This program will be awarded on a first come first served, need basis.


  1. Applicants submit fully completed application form with photographs of the portions of sidewalk in need of repair. All requested information including verification of income as reported to the IRS for the previous tax year must be included;
  2. All applications will be reviewed against the eligibility matrix;
  3. Applicants which have received a Notice of Violation from the Property Maintenance Division for failure to repair their sidewalks will receive priority;
  4. Applicants which have collaborated with at least two adjacent property owners will receive priority; neighboring sidewalks in need of repair will require an application from each Individual homeowner;
  5. Staff reviews applications for completeness and accuracy;
  6. Staff approves and priorities applications;
  7. Approved applicants will be required to sign a hold harmless agreement between the City and the homeowner.

Please direct any questions to the office of Community Development at 610-655-6234.


  • Tree removal, curb and gutter repair and ADA rump replacement are NOT a part of this pilot program. ADA ramp replacement is included with another CDBG program.
  • Repair and replacement of brick sidewalks are NOT included in this pilot program.
  • Repair and replacement of brick sidewalks
  • Residential Rental Units, Not Proprietor Owned
  • Commercial, Rental Units, Not Proprietor Owned
  • Commercial Properties, Partnership or Corporate Owned
  • Industrial Properties

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