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‘Do It Yourself’ Creative Crafts for this Fall

by Megan Poley, Alvernia University

‘Do It Yourself’ Creative Crafts for this Fall

Fall is a time of pumpkin picking, bonfires, Halloween scares, cozy sweaters, and cute fall crafts. Many people spend money on decorations for fall that are not as festive and can be overpriced. Crafting is an easy way to save money and use your creativity to make something that you will be very proud of. You can add as much or as little detail as you want to make it exactly how you want it to be. There are many different, easy fall crafts to make that will beautifully decorate your home, be a wonderful gift, or get you into the fall spirit this year.

A simple fall craft is a leaf bowl, according to an article from Homebnc. First, start by purchasing fall-colored leaves from any craft store, use mod podge to stick the leaves to an inflated balloon, and pop the balloon after the leaves have dried, resulting in a beautiful fall leaf bowl. It can be used to hold candies, office supplies, or any other household items that will sit in an easily made and festive craft.

Another fun, and more traditional fall activity is carving pumpkins. Anyone at any age can enjoy carving a spooky face or design into a pumpkin. One way to make it a little more advanced is using a stencil to put a more intricate and complicated design into your pumpkin. Simply use a stencil or make one with a sheet of paper and begin carving. If you want to add even more to your masterpiece, you can paint your pumpkin to add the right colors. This activity is perfect for fall and a wonderful activity to do with family and friends.

Candles are great for fall and have many scents that make it feel like it’s autumn everywhere you go. However, candles tend to be very simple, but there is an easy way to spice them up to look appropriate for the fall season. A super easy way is to gather as many acorns as necessary to fill the space between the candle and the glass casing surrounding. Another idea is to use twigs from outside and break or cut them to varying heights. Hot glue these twigs to the candle to form a layer of twigs around the outside of the candle. This craft will resemble a miniature version of a bonfire and make you feel very cozy in your home.

Lastly, a cute craft that could decorate your front porch or anywhere else in your home is wooden pumpkins. To make these decorations, simply put three planks of wood together and a smaller wooden stem on top. Once they are glued or nailed together, add some color to your craft by painting the three planks orange to resemble a pumpkin. For the last touch, use a green ribbon to tie around the base of the stem. This is an adorable craft that shows your creative skills and perfectly prepares your home for the fall season.

Fall is an amazing time to be creative and put your ideas into some easy and cute fall crafts. They are a great way to save money while also making your home look as festive as any other person’s home, but with your own creative touch. These are great craft ideas to do with friends and family to celebrate and enjoy the beautiful fall season.


Photos courtesy of Homebnc.