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The coronavirus is bullying us into a vile situation

By Mike Zielinski, Host of The Mike Zielinski Show

The coronavirus is bullying us into a vile situation

If heart disease, cancer and climate change weren’t enough, now we have a possible pandemic to worry about.

Mankind supposedly is king of the jungle, but perhaps superbugs are inheriting that mantle.

The viral epidemic coronavirus at this point seems pregnant with pandemic potential.

The thrumming piano-wire tension is building.

Whenever something poses a serious threat to humanity, it’s scary stuff indeed.

Alarmingly, viral epidemics like the coronavirus are becoming more recurrent and emerging more quickly.

When they do, it takes months to create a vaccine so the only effective measure at first is to isolate the sick to control contagion.

The coronavirus is evolving at a dramatic pace … the detection of cases linked to international travel in an increasing number of countries and the growing recognition of disease clusters outside of China that have resulted from person-to-person spread rather than travel to Hubei province.

International concern about the spread of the coronavirus outside China grew Sunday with sharp rises in infections in three countries — South Korea, Italy and Iran.

There is also increasing evidence that the virus can be passed on by people with mild or no symptoms.

God help us all if the coronavirus begins traveling like a lit fuse.

At this point the virus seems less deadly but more transmissible than SARS.

Besides the ominous threat to health and life, the world economy is shuddering as the coronavirus threatens global supply chains.

Manufacturers’ increased reliance on a multi-connected China is seeing shortages ripple around the globe.

Pray that scientists and doctors can pull off a miracle and quickly develop an antibiotic to stop the coronavirus dead in its tracks before it cracks open our universe like it was a raw egg.

The U.S. and China as the world’s superpowers must put politics aside and pool their resources to help snuff this superbug.