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Community Members, Parents & Educators: Meet The Camel Project

By The Camel Project

Community Members, Parents & Educators: Meet The Camel Project

Introduction to The Camel Project

When: Saturday, April 4th, 10 am to Noon at
Where: The Berks County Community Foundation, 237 Court Street, Reading Pa 19601,
What: to gain insights and understanding of the “Stop Bullying – I Care” program offered by The Camel Project. Our bullying elimination programs are effective in schools, community youth organizations, workplaces, and senior citizens living communities.

• 75% of students have either been the target or have seen bullying by 9th grade.
• Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death of youths between 10 and 24 years of age.

Below is an excerpt from a recent letter from a parent of a student in a Berks County School:

Our son was emotionally, physically, and mentally shutting down and unable to express how bad things really were. …. he was able to open up that there were fistfights, nudity exposure, items being thrown at the teacher, desks being flipped, and one kid according to our son had been suspended 11 times at Thanksgiving break. 11 times! That’s once a week since the beginning of the school year. Our son’s grades were starting to slip from his inability to hear the teacher over the disruptive behavior and ability to mentally focus on learning in such an environment. His loss of sleep, his loss of appetite, and his loss of mental, physical, and emotional strength, his eyes and skin color were sunken and pale, was leaving him incapable of even functioning.
The Plan to Eliminate Bullying and other Aggressive Learned Behaviors:
• Introduction to The Camel Project
• Overview of the Stop Bullying – I Care training
• Learn how you can become certified in Stop Bullying – I Care to support our community.
• Opportunities to support and deliver the Stop Bullying – I Care to other parents, administrators, and staff, teachers, and students.RSVP is required  Seat is limited




Self-Awareness + Confidence + Healthy People Network
= Bullying Elimination
Be the Interruptor!