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As bad as things are these days, at least few of us are homesick

By Mike Zielinski, Host of The Mike Zielinski Show

Mar 24, 2020
Mike Zielinski

Family is the most precious commodity we have.

Which is important to remember when a family member gets on your nerves while we are cloistered at home during this coronavirus pandemic.

I assume you’ve heard about the coronavirus by now. It soon will be mentioned even more frequently on television than self-exiled Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

It’s best that we remain safely cocooned at home, keeping our social distance from someone outside our bubble whose sneeze or touch could mean we’re headed for the urn. 

It may now be difficult to remember when things were normal because it seems so long ago. But back then, most of us had precious little time for family as our jobs and daily activities kept us apart.

But now families are joined at the hip in their homes. And for large families, that means you need a crowbar to leverage some elbow room.

What will be the outcome of all this?

Will there be a spike in babies nine months from now? You don’t need to contact your bookie for odds on that. Of course there will. Diaper manufacturers already have their salivary glands shifting into overdrive.

Will there be a spike in divorces because enforced time together convinces couples they really do hate each other’s guts? Then again, if one spends their cloistered time in the attic and the other in the basement, maybe not so much. Divorce lawyers are praying that feuding couples are mostly living in apartments no bigger than a closet.

Will the internet blow up, overloaded by people binge-watching programs on streaming services and working from home and reading this column on

Will teens get so sick of their parents and vice versa that empty nest become the happiest two words in America?

Will the CEOs of hand sanitizer companies be the richest folks in America?

Will we be confident again that we can sit safely at a restaurant table without wondering if The Grim Reaper is dining with us?

Will we miss seeing our president patting himself on the back on television every day?

Will our economy look like it was run over by a harvester, leaving us all penniless and homeless?

Then we really will miss home sweet home.

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