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Easter At-Home Kits Available at Museum

by Reading Public Museum

Easter At-Home Kits Available at Museum

Familes can celebrate an annual tradition during unconventional times

April 6, 2020 – Reading, PA — The Reading Public Museum, the site of Easter traditions for the past century, is encouraging Pennsylvanians to celebrate at home this year, but is offering an educational and fun kit for at-home use to area families on Friday, April 10 at 11am. Supplies will be limited and will be distributed until they are exhausted.

Continuing its efforts to provide quality, hands-on learning experiences for children during the COVID-19 shutdown, this Easter Egg Hunt kit is designed for children and their families to celebrate the Holiday just as they typically would at The Museum, while remaining safely quarantined at home on compliance with the government’s order. The at-home science kits distributed by The Museum last week sold out quickly, as parents and caregivers continue to seek innovative and interesting ways to engage children in learning while schools are closed.

As the area’s leading science center and museum, the Reading Public Museum typically serves more than one thousand visitors each year on Easter as visitors participate in egg hunts, educational programs, planetarium shows, and family activities throughout the grounds. During the mandated shut-down, travelling to The Museum to pick-up distance learning materials is an approved exception to the stay-in-place order, but The Museum is discouraging visitors to its grounds this Easter to promote social distancing. Kits for at-home educational birthday parties are also being sold to families who had parties cancelled due to the mandated shut-down.

Because previous kits were so popular and sold-out before many families were able to take advantage of them, The Museum is asking for a $5 suggested donation for each kit which will help support the development of future educational efforts during this difficult time. Each kit is appropriate for children aged 4 and older, and will include instructions and supplies to make baskets at home, stocked with donations from numerous museum partners. Due to the mandated closure, the Reading Public Museum is experiencing a complete loss of revenues during its busiest season, and contributions via mail or online are always accepted. Visitors picking up the kits are asked to enter through the Museum Road entrance and remain in their vehicles as kits are distributed and donations are collected.

John Graydon Smith, Director and CEO, stated “While discouraging visitors from celebrating at The Museum this year is a painful decision to be forced to make, we’re hopeful that these kits will help families create memories safely at home while looking forward to returning to The Museum once this crisis passes. Easter at The Museum is a longstanding tradition for many people and we want them to return for future celebrations once it is safe to do so.”