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A Quarantined Take on Getting Organized (or Trying!)

by Kay Bennecoff, BCTV producer & host of “Your Berks Craftsmen”

A Quarantined Take on Getting Organized (or Trying!)

First off, I just want to thank the staff of BCTV for all you do for us and our community.  You guys are the best.  Can’t wait to be back in the studio with you and our wonderful craftsmen and makers from Reading-Berks Guild of Craftsmen.   Our craftsmen enjoy being able to share their knowledge of their craft with our BCTV audience.   I will share our news with you that we have received our dates for the 71st Holiday Fine Art and Craft festival to be held at Kutztown University, Michael O’Pake Field House on Saturday, October 31 and Sunday, November 1, 2020.  (This Coronavirus is on Santa’s naughty list; we just need to listen to the experts and wash our hands and wear our masks when getting our food and this social distancing that we are doing now is what we need to continue until the experts give us the word that it is okay) And then we can get back to what we do and love……but until then find the silver lining in this cloud.

So with this extra time on my hands, I thought, Kay, “Let’s Get Organized”.  Well one thing just leads to another and another and I am sure some of you have found this out yourselves. I feel compelled to share what I have done so you can feel this same exhilaration of Organization 101.   I started in my study/office and was going through my desk.  Seriously, I had five different places where there were paperclips and never seemed to be able to find one when I needed it.  Now I corralled those babies into a cardboard gum box and, this is the exciting part, I placed it in my middle desk drawer.  One spot and now I know where my paper clips are.  I am considering putting hand-written sticky notes around the house:  Paper clips are in the middle drawer of Kay’s desk in the study/office.

But then, where are the sticky note pads?  I was looking everywhere for them.   So that of course leads me to round up those sticky note pads.  Well after several hours of canvassing this house I found all our sticky note pads and wanted to put those in the middle desk drawer near the nicely boxed paper clips.  One large problem!  The size 10 shoebox that I needed to place all the sticky note pads I found, you guessed it, did not fit into my middle desk drawer.  What a dilemma!  What do I do now, try to find several more small boxes and then sort all these sticky note pads into several different boxes, according to size, color, etc. etc. ?  Hmmmmm!  OR do I just get Barry (my carpenter husband) to make me a bigger middle desk drawer to accompany the size 10 shoebox?!?  I can’t wait to tell him my idea.  Well at least I know where the sticky note pads are for now but my next problem is where do I put the size ten shoes?

Well tomorrow is another day and looking around I still have lots to do (And plenty of time to do it).   Stay tuned into BCTV for the best of everything and (maybe) for my next segment “Let’s Get Organized”.


(No names have been changed in the above article to protect the innocent.  I am guilty of the above.)