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PPE Challenges Still Remain for Berks County & Key Partners

from County of Berks / COVID-19 Leadership Team

PPE Challenges Still Remain for Berks County & Key Partners

Reading, PA — Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) continues to be a challenge across the nation and Berks County is no exception. Berks is providing a status report of PPE received and PPE that is ordered and not yet arrived.

The Berks County Department of Emergency Services working in conjunction with our local healthcare providers, county departments and local first responders ordered PPE over the past several weeks. Some of those orders were publicized previously. Berks County is covering the cost of PPE purchased for our First Responders.

Here is the current status of PPE orders in Berks County.

We have distributed (round numbers):

(This includes distributions to hospitals, county agencies and first responders. This does not include a direct distribution of PPE from the Strategic National Stockpiles (SNS) already made to Berks Heim)

Still on order:

Please note that these are NOT all for Berks County use. This includes cooperative purchases with other counties and our two local hospitals.