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Consumers Reported Lost More Than $200 Million to Romance Scams in 2019

By Federal Trade Commission

Consumers Reported Lost More Than $200 Million to Romance Scams in 2019

New Federal Trade Commission data from the agency’s Consumer Sentinel Network show that consumers reported losing $201 million to romance scams in 2019—up nearly 40% since 2018Signs of an Online Dating Scam
Romance Scams Infographic

Romance scammers prey on consumers who are looking for love, converting what feels like a budding relationship into an ask for money to help the scammer get out of some manufactured crisis. The stories and feelings can be compelling, and the losses can be huge.

In 2019, more than 25,000 consumers filed a report with the FTC about romance scams, and over the past two years total reported losses to romance scams were higher than to any other scam reported to the FTC.

A new blog post from the FTC has more information about the scams, including tips for recognizing a romance scam, along with a new infographic highlighting the latest data.

More information is also available on the FTC’s romance scam page, as well as in a video. Information about FTC complaint data can be found at, and consumers can file a complaint at

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