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Tower Health Adds Disinfection Robots to Healthcare Team

By Tower Health

Tower Health Adds Disinfection Robots to Healthcare Team

West Reading, PA. – As Tower Health gradually resumes elective procedures at its hospitals, it is implementing technological enhancements for cleaning and disinfection of patient rooms and procedural areas, especially those used to care for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients.

This week, Tower Health has deployed UVC disinfection robots at each of its hospitals. The Finsen Technologies THOR UVC robot delivers a fast and effective germicidal dose of continuous wave UVC energy, killing germs and pathogens, including COVID-19 from floor to ceiling.

The device can be used throughout the hospitals, but Tower Health’s initial uses will focus on:

COVID-19 patient units;
Emergency Departments;
Perioperative suites where a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patient has undergone surgery; and
Intensive Care Units, Progressive Care Units, and Transitional Care Units.
Just as sunlight can damage human skin, UVC light kills various pathogens by damaging their genetic structure and materials.

“The use of UV light will enhance the rigorous cleaning processes we have in place to further ensure that our facilities are safe for patients, visitors, front line caregivers, and all employees,” said Debra Powell, MD, Chief, Section of Infectious Disease at Reading Hospital. “This is another example of Tower Health’s commitment to preventing the spread of COVID-19, while also ensuring we can continue to provide all the other clinical services on which our community depends.”