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GoggleWorks issues Call For Art! “Astro American” Online Exhibition

By Googleworks Center for the Arts

GoggleWorks issues Call For Art! “Astro American” Online Exhibition


“Astro American” Online Exhibition

Opening July 4, 2020

Conceived By: Chris Tanis

Hosted By: GoggleWorks Center for the Arts

“Astro American” is a new virtual art show hosted by GoggleWorks Center for the Arts as a way to promote local, young, and talented artists.

“After years of systemic racism, economical tyranny and unjust laws, it seems the world has had an awakening. Since the tragic murder of George Floyd at the hands of police officers, creative outlets worldwide are stepping up to help Black people and those of color who fight the same oppression.” – Chris Tanis, GoggleWorks Studio Artist

GoggleWorks has chosen to be a facilitator of change and is collaborating with studio artist Chris Tanis to curate an art show that will provide a platform for local artists to express themselves about what’s going on in the world. All artists from throughout Berks County are invited to participate. “Astro American” will give young artists of color the chance to have their ideas and statements seen on a large scale by fellow artists and art lovers across the globe.

What is an Astro American you ask? It’s anyone born after the moon landing that spends their life following the stars… 

We are asking artists to submit images of their original work to be displayed in an online-only exhibition. Works should express feelings about current social issues and events, personal experiences or expressions of identity, or relate in some way to your interpretation of the theme “Astro American.”

Artists may submit more than one work, all mediums welcome.

All entries must be received by Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

Photos must be clear and well-lit. Images will not be included if they are blurry or too dark. If you have questions about how to photograph your work, please email Kristen Egan, the GoggleWorks Exhibitions Coordinator, at [email protected]

To participate in the “Astro American” online exhibition, please email the following information to: [email protected]

Artist Name:

Title of Artwork:

Materials Used:

Size (Height x Length x Width, please specify inches or feet):

The artwork will not be listed for sale through GoggleWorks, but we will include links for patrons to contact the artists directly.  Please list any website address or social media handles where people can view your work:


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