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Physician, Patient Team Up to Encourage Continue Routine Mammogram Screening

By Tower Health

Physician, Patient Team Up to Encourage Continue Routine Mammogram Screening

When COVID-19 arrived in our communities many individuals opted to delay important routine care, such as mammograms, to avoid potential exposure to the virus. To educate the community about the importance of resuming preventive care Tower Health Oncologist Nick Leasure, MD and patient Kayleen Stunz teamed up to create a public service announcement about the benefits of routine mammogram screening.

Regular mammograms are critical for the early detection of breast cancer. Detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages gives women the best chance for effective treatment. The award-winning, high-quality breast health and imaging services offered by Tower Health’s hospitals can help identify breast issues before they become larger health problems. That is why it is so important that you do not delay your mammogram.

“Please don’t postpone your mammogram,” said Dr. Leasure. “There is no need to continue delaying this important screening, and it could be harmful to your health. Tower Health hospitals have carefully planned reopening services to keep our patients and employees healthy.” 

To accommodate mammography patients safely, Tower Health hospitals have implemented:

Because of her family history of breast cancer, Tower Health patient Kayleen Stunz is committed to her health. She follows a healthy diet, exercises, and gets regular health screening, including annual mammograms and skin checks. “You only have one body and I believe you have to take care of it the best way you can,” Kayleen said. “Participating in routine screenings is a great way to ease your mind and know that you are healthy.” 

Click here to view the PSA from Dr. Leasure and Kayleen Stunz.