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Local Veteran Publishes First Book Through Pretzel City Press LLC

Story written by Angela Cremer

Local Veteran Publishes First Book Through Pretzel City Press LLC

L.D. Zane’s Anthology “It’s Always My Fault & Other Short Stories” Available on Amazon

READING, PA – L.D. Zane’s first published short story anthology, “It’s Always My Fault & Other Short Stories” is now available for purchase on Amazon, with autographed copies available through the publisher, Pretzel City Press LLC, in Reading, PA. The publication includes fourteen of this veteran’s short stories, which have been described as being “culled from the DMZ of life.” There is even a companion tongue-in-cheek list of imbibing suggestions for each story, which usually gets a chuckle.

Cathryn Clinton — Author of The Calling, A Stone in My Hand, and other novels — praises this anthology: “As the title story ‘It’s Always My Fault’ indicates, this collection encourages one to look for an ironic and slightly anarchic tone. You will not be disappointed when the rapid-fire dialogue and precise word choice delivers a consistent style and form. Each story in its own way contributes to this unique voice that can be enjoyed and remembered.”

About L.D. Zane: L.D. served in the Navy from 1968 to 1975. Five of those years were aboard the Fast Attack submarine, U.S.S. Queenfish, SSN 651. His first submarine mission was an under-ice expedition to the North Pole — an adventure few will ever experience. L.D.’s life is quieter now. He is retired and has been devoting more and more time to writing novels and short stories. He resides with his wife in the town of his birth — a small city in southeastern Pennsylvania known for its steel, textile machine manufacturing industries, and pretzel bakeries.

His short stories have been published in nearly two dozen literary journals, including: Indiana Voice Journal, Slippery Elm, Cobalt Review, Evening Street Review and Philadelphia Stories. L.D. is a member of the Bold Writers and has had several public readings at Albright College, Reading, PA. Please visit his website or Facebook page for more information.

Why does L.D. write? He “believes all stories — like people — have a destiny. They both end the way
they’re supposed to.”

About Pretzel City Press LLC: Pretzel City Press is an independent publisher of literary fiction, poetry, memoirs, and drama, with headquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania. Readers may purchase books directly from Amazon, Booklocker, and other printers, or they may choose to order an autographed copy of books from Pretzel City Press.

Autographed copies arrive via USPS mail along with a complimentary packet of “reading pretzels” and pretzel coupons from local pretzel-makers. A percentage of profits from each book is donated to the qualified, charitable organization of the author’s choice. “It’s Always My Fault & Other Short Stories” supports the work of Veterans Making a Difference, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit helping veterans in need in Berks County, founded by veterans Doug & Liz Graybill.