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Olivet Boys & Girls Club temporarily closes Clinton Street Club Site

Olivet Boys & Girls Club temporarily closes Clinton Street Club Site

Reading, PA  – Olivet Boys & Girls Club President and CEO, Chris Winters announced the immediate temporary closure of the organization’s Clinton Street Site due to concerns regarding exposure by site personnel to a confirmed case of COVID-19. The children on hand for remote learning support and all Olivet personnel were sent home. The parents and guardians were made aware of the situation and all procedures and policies were being followed.

Safety is the number one priority of the Olivet Boys & Girls Clubs. We purposefully developed and implemented set emergency procedures and protocols for the well-being of our youth and our Team members and are doing everything possible to keep children, our team, and volunteers protected from the COVID-19 virus. All personnel and youth in our facilities are abiding by the required social-distancing, mask-wearing and hand-washing protocols.

Due to the recent information that one of our Team at the Clinton Street Club was directly exposed to a direct family member who tested positive, and out of the abundance of caution for our children and our team personnel, we have closed the Clinton Street Site until Monday October 5, 2020. All families of youth attending the Clinton Street Site, Team members, and community partners have been notified and asked to follow appropriate CDC guidelines.

During this time, we will deep clean the Clinton Street Site. We will utilize CDC guidelines to ensure that all youth, team members, community partners and volunteers are safe and secure when the Clinton Street Site reopens on Monday, October 5th. Olivet Boys & Girls Club is taking this news very seriously and acting with firm conviction and established protocols. We will remain steadfast in our missions to provide safe and nurturing environments for youth to complete virtual learning support and Olivet after-school programming. Our other sites will remain open and operational.

“We knew the risks and we committed ourselves to doing whatever it takes to safely help the youth of our community. We developed and implemented procedures for the safety and wellbeing of the children coming to our sites, and those plans worked as we were able to immediately respond to this critical and evolving situation. Our Olivet Team followed our action plan and we took proper necessary steps to reduce possible COVID exposure to the youth and our Team members at our Clinton Street site,’ stated Chris Winters.

“As always, the health and safety of our members and staff at Olivet is our primary concern. The plan we have in place will allow us to quickly communicate with our parents and community partners to mitigate any further exposure as we closely monitor the potential situation at our Clinton Street site. All safety protocols will be implemented as a precautionary measure,” said John Massaro, Olivet Boys & Girls Club Board President.

If community members have additional questions, please contact Chris Winters, President and CEO at [email protected], or via phone at 610-451-2154. We will continue to update this situation via our social media, press releases, and through our President and CEO.