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“Pretty Monsters: 100 Years of Art Herstory”

By Studio B

“Pretty Monsters: 100 Years of Art Herstory”

On December 18, 2020, Studio B Art Gallery hosts a Friday Night LIVE at the B! event, 6:00-7:00 p.m., titled “Let’s Talk About Art: Pretty Monsters” featuring fine artist Lisa Muller. Muller, a professor at Albright College, will offer insights and perspectives about the history of women in the arts.

“Looking at artwork—past and present–to understand the context the piece represents—the artist’s intentions or the social, political, cultural ‘story’—allows a unique view of the pervasive values influencing the artist,” offered Jane Stahl, Studio B’s Director of Community Relations and host of the studio’s LIVE event.

“In this year, celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage, I’m eager to learn more about women’s contributions to the arts throughout history and how perhaps their history has influenced artists today,” she continued. “And I’m eager to explore Lisa’s thoughts on the artists or the conditions of the times that may have influenced her own work.”

The event, recorded by Amy Muzopappa of Muzo Media Productions and sponsored by Ingrid Weil of Ironhorse Realty, will be archived and available for viewing on Studio B Art Gallery’s Facebook page and accompanies the studio’s exhibit featuring 12 local women artists titled “Still Roaring 2020.” The exhibit runs through December 27, 2020.

About Lisa Muller:
Based in Pottstown, PA, Muller finds her artistic mission both daunting and thrilling as an attempt to make some order out of chaos. She claims. “If progress is made, sometimes that’s enough.”

Surface depth, texture, shifts in color and translucency are some of the formal traits she pursues when working, finding inspiration from every shadowy corner of her life experience, allowing that, “The world is a fascinating place to be, most of the time.”

Muller describes her process: “My work method: more is more, until it isn’t. Then, remove what’s not helping. The first part of the painting process is as thought-free as I can manage. I fight the need to control my materials, instead approaching them with the same curiosity I would have for any new place I might visit.”

She adds, “Surrendering to the fact that I will never understand the work completely, I eventually come to appreciate its wisdom.  The content keeps me on a need-to-know basis. A kind of unfolding happens at first that does not move toward a specific idea. The undefined figures that emerge reflect thoughts about relationships or things I see around me.  Elements of abstraction stray toward the surreal; best discovered in layers, through time.”

Muller exhibits her work in regional and national shows and galleries.

Studio B:
Studio B, located in the heart of historic Boyertown, is the home of the Arts and Activities Alliance, a committee of Building a Better Boyertown, a nonprofit Main Street program dedicated to revitalizing small towns.

Studio B celebrates lifelong learning, creativity and personal involvement in the visual and communication arts and seeks to be a dynamic part of Boyertown community, a “go to” destination for learning, fun and friendship. The studio seeks to showcase the work of fine artists in themed exhibits—some juried, some open to all—and welcomes art in diverse media. In addition to art exhibits, workshops, and classes, Studio B also hosts activities and informal gatherings on assorted topics for small groups or meetings, gallery talks, and “Getting to Know You” opportunities.

Visitors are always welcome to view the changing exhibits; take lessons in the visual, literary, and communication arts offered by highly-trained local artists and teachers; and schedule small events or parties in its elegant facility. The studio proudly collaborates with the many unique businesses in the Boyertown community.