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Barrio Alegria Launches La Ronda Del Barrio Podcast

Barrio Alegria Launches La Ronda Del Barrio Podcast

Why La Ronda?

In some Peruvian communities, when a problem arises, the town convenes the “Ronderos”, or community guardians who call on the whole town to hear the issue and pass judgement on offenders in front of the whole community, in a “ronda” or community circle.

Similar archetipes can be found in communities around the world, and the model inspired our Director Daniel Egusquiza who thought it could work in a podcast format.

La Ronda del Barrio podcast offers insight on community issues through stories and storytelling. At La Ronda, we don’t claim to have solutions, but we believe in the constructive power of wrestling with issues in order to find solutions.

In this metaphoric tussle, we aim to transform the struggle into a powerful dance that can offer new perspectives, empower new voices, and weave beauty out of our difficulties.

Listen to the podcast on the Barrio Alegria website

A project two years in the making

On March of 2019, Idalmi Rivera was tasked with nurturing an idea that Barrio had for a long time: discuss community issues through storytelling.

Although Barrio had no equipment and little experience with podcasts, we had one thing clear, we wanted the stories to be shared!

Our first season guests include The Curly Sisterhood, Nicol, Cory, and Jiolka, as well as Arleny, Aida, Yahaira, Jenne, Kaylee, Ibeth, Luis, David, Goldy, Amber, and many more.

Our first season topics

For our first seaon, our topics include

  1. Exploring Latina Issues
  2. Historias de Venidas
  3. An Inmigrant’s Child
  4. Myths about Inmigrants
  5. Our Home, Reading

Where you can hear it

Our podcast is available on our website but you can also find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podchaser and more!