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Pennie Exceeds Expectations & Extends Enrollment for COVID-19

Pennie Exceeds Expectations & Extends Enrollment for COVID-19

As a state-based marketplace, Pennie increases new enrollment by 9.7% and raises total enrollment to nearly 338,000. Now, Pennie is offering more time to enroll in plans for those affected by COVID-19. 

Pennsylvanians who have recently lost health coverage or have been affected by COVID-19 can visit and enroll in a plan from February 15 through May 15.

Harrisburg, PA – February 3, 2021 – By the end of Pennie’s inaugural Open Enrollment nearly 338,000 Pennsylvanians enrolled in coverage, a more than 5,000 increase over last year. Over 75,000 new customers enrolled in coverage through Pennie, a 9.7 percent year-over-year increase. Through the implementation of a state-based marketplace and the premium savings realized through the Pennsylvania Reinsurance Program, the Commonwealth has expanded access to quality health coverage, seamlessly transitioned from Healthcare.Gov and connected more customers to the financial assistance for which they were eligible.

Due to the continued public health risks of COVID-19 in the Commonwealth and in-line with President Biden’s recent Executive Order, the Pennie Board of Directors unanimously approved the opening of a Special Enrollment Period to allow anyone impacted by COVID-19 more time to enroll in coverage. Anyone is eligible to enroll in coverage through Pennie beginning February 15 and until May 15.

“Pennie is first and foremost here for all of those in Pennsylvania who need health coverage. We are happy to see our customer base grow and proud to serve hundreds of thousands of individuals and families across the Commonwealth,” said Pennie Executive Director Zachary W. Sherman. “Pennie’s support does not end with Open Enrollment. The economic and public health implications of the pandemic have been and continue to be destabilizing, impacting the lives of so many Pennsylvanians. Anyone without health insurance will have more time to sign up through Pennie, giving those eligible access to financial assistance and comprehensive coverage, including for COVID-19 related treatment and services. Starting on February 15, we encourage uninsured Pennsylvanians to visit to explore their options and get coverage.”