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Humming Hills Farm Becomes Certified Naturally Grown

by Judy Henderson

Humming Hills Farm Becomes Certified Naturally Grown

Hamburg, Pa. – Humming Hills Farm, LLC has announced its recent distinction of becoming the first microgreens producer in Berks and Lehigh Counties to be recognized as a Certified Naturally Grown producer.

Farm owner Judy Henderson sought out the national certification to help distinguish her microgreens from others grown by conventional methods and to give her customers the assurance of buying naturally grown microgreens free of synthetic chemicals and genetic modification.

Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) is a certification for direct market farms using natural practices and selling in their own communities. The CNG program is the grassroots alternative to certified organic with site visits and inspections by peer farmers, with standards largely the same as the National Organic Program. The certification assures that food is grown without GMO seeds or synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

“At Humming Hills Farm we are passionate about growing safe and healthy food for our community,” says Henderson, “and we are proud to have our efforts recognized by Certified Naturally Grown.” She continues to explain that the grassroots certification aligns with her mission to grow food the community can trust, and it supports her commitment in helping to create a sustainable community.

Humming Hills Farm, located just south of Hamburg off Route 662, offers Certified Naturally Grown microgreens through an online store, local farmers markets, retail stores, and restaurants, and offers free delivery within a 15 mile radius. In addition to microgreens a G.I.Y. (Grow It Yourself) Microgreens Kit is available for consumers to try their hand at growing their own, and there will be other items available soon.

Henderson submitted the CNG application just before winter, and received word of certification on March 3, 2021. The final step in the certification is an on-site inspection. Currently there are more than 750 CNG farms nationwide, including five locally in Berks County and one in Lehigh County. Consumers can go to to find other Certified Naturally Grown producers in their area. 

Submitted by Judy Henderson, Humming Hills Farm, LLC

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