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Certify Your Property as Watershed-Friendly

by Penn State Extension

Certify Your Property as Watershed-Friendly

Lehigh Valley, Pa – Is your property watershed friendly?

Many property owners strive to lessen environmental impacts and use sound ecological practices, while others would like to learn how to do more. By making wise choices and following some simple guidelines managing your garden and lawn, you can help protect Pennsylvania’s watersheds.

Why does this matter? Stormwater runoff is precipitation that does not infiltrate and flows over the ground, roofs, buildings, sidewalks, and parking lots, through storm drains, before reaching the nearest waterway. Runoff picks up pollutants such as fertilizer, pesticides, pet waste, trash, sediment, chemicals and more, during this movement before dumping them directly into waterways. This can create inhospitable habitats for fish and other wildlife, potentially affect our drinking water, and increased stormwater can lead to flooding and other issues. However, every property owner can make a positive impact on the health of our waterways.

The Watershed-Friendly Property Certification recognizes Pennsylvania residents who incorporate best practices to minimize and/or eliminate potential harmful impacts to our water resources, as well as provide habitat for wildlife and pollinators. The certification is open to properties with different aesthetics and sizes, from small urban plots up to 15 acres, that include enough best-management practices for reducing stormwater runoff and pollution, conserving water, and providing beneficial habitats for wildlife and pollinators to reach the qualifying 85% score.

To learn more: Master Watershed Stewards will host a Watershed-Friendly Property Certification webinar on Monday, April 12th at 7:00 p.m. Registration and details can be found at:

Financial and other support for the “Watershed-Friendly Properties – an education and certification program” has been provided by the Department of Environmental Protection’s 2020 Environmental Education Grants Program. Project partners include Nurture Nature Center, Easton, PA, and Penn State Extension.