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Studio B’s “Let’s Talk About Art” Features Gallery Director Susan Biebuyck

by Studio B Fine Art Gallery

Studio B’s “Let’s Talk About Art” Features Gallery Director Susan Biebuyck

Susan Biebuyck, Gallery Director for Studio B Art Gallery in Boyertown, PA, describes herself as an “art supplies junkie.”  For the gallery’s upcoming “Let’s Talk About Art” episode, scheduled for May 28, 2021, beginning at 6:00 p.m. as a Facebook LIVE event, Biebuyck will share her technique for making DIY gesso for painting uncommon substrates.

“To non-artists like myself, what artists like Sue create—the ideas they imagine and the processes and materials they use to accomplish their ideas–are like magic to me,” noted Jane Stahl, the gallery’s Director of Community Relations and former English teacher. “Sharing her techniques gives folks like me a peek behind the curtain—some understanding and appreciation for the minds of creative people,” added Stahl.

The featured series includes paintings of a cabbage on a Cinnamon Toast Crunch box, ice cream cones on Life cereal boxes, macarons on a Dominos Sugar bag, and limes on an Arm and Hammer box. Biebuyck offers a step-by-step explanation of her process.

The event, recorded by Amy Muzopappa of Muzo Media Productions and sponsored by Tompkins VIST Bank, will be archived and available for viewing on Studio B Art Gallery’s Facebook page and YouTube. Visit Studio B Art Gallery on Facebook or for details.

Facebook LIVE event link: