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Call for National Philanthropy Day Award Nominations

by AFP Berks Regional Chapter

Call for National Philanthropy Day Award Nominations

This past year has shown us that Berks County is better when we embrace our goodwill and work together to create positive change and instill hope in our community. To that end, we are excited to unveil the nomination process for this year’s annual National Philanthropy Day (NPD) breakfast, to be held, in-person, on Friday, November 5, 2021.

Since our chapter’s inception, we have paused every NPD to honor those volunteers, businesses, donors and groups who have gone above and beyond to help our organizations, and our community, with their time, energy and fiscal support.

Last year, we made the decision to hold our NPD event virtually. But in 2021, we are ready to honor those who are special to YOUR organization. Do you have a board member who has a guiding influence on your organization? Do you have a donor whose generosity has made a tremendous impact on your mission? Was there a volunteer or business, without whose support, your organization would have never been able to see the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic? Maybe your physical location was closed, but virtual volunteer hours are just as important!

If so, now is your opportunity to honor these individuals by nominating them for one of the following awards:

Please visit our 2021 National Philanthropy Day Survey for more information and to submit your award notification today! Deadline to submit nominations is June 30, 2021.