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Boyertown High School presents Mamma Mia!

Story written by Wendy C Moyer-Drabick

Boyertown High School presents Mamma Mia!

The theatre is BACK in Boyertown!  The Boyertown High School production of Mamma Mia! took stage on Tuesday, June 29th and runs until Thursday, July 8th.  The show is directed by Mr. John Hazel and Mr. Jeffrey Brunner and includes an on-stage orchestra made up of community members, teachers, and students, led Mr. Christopher Cinquini.

Centered around ABBA’s greatest hits, Mamma Mia! takes you a wild adventure of a bride to be inviting her three possible dads to give her away at her wedding. Unknowingly, her mother invites her two best friends to help with the wedding, but end up helping her reminisce about her younger days.

The show opens with Sophie Sheridan (Sydney Kuszyk) meeting her two best friends, Ali and Lisa (Grace Major and Elena Gehret) to gossip about what she found in her mother’s diary about who her father may be. We then meet Donna Sheridan (Molly Herman) owner of the venue and Sophie’s mom, who is greeted by her two best friends Tanya (Olivia Helmer) and Rosie (Makenna Maxymillian). They are introduced to Sky (Anthony Bartolucci), Sophie’s fiancé, and his two best friends, Eddie (Nate Ansu) and Pepper (Jake Moser), who has a crush on Tanya. Unbeknownst to Donna, Sophie’s three potential dads, Sam (Jared Drabick), Bill (Cameron Gorman) and Harry (Jack Burrell) show up to the island reminded about the good memories they had years ago.

Shortly after the men arrive, Donna sees them, and the memories come flooding back. She recalls the heartbreak that the three men have caused her. To cheer her up, Tanya and Rosie break out her old dancing outfits and remind her of the days of the Dynamos. With her mood shifted, Donna and the Dynamos decide to go perform at the local club for Sophie’s bachelorette party.

During the party, Sophie individually speaks with all the potential dads about giving her away at her wedding. The fathers are skeptical but agree to the task.  The next day Donna is frantic about what her daughter has done. As the wedding nears, Donna talks with the different dads and slowly begins to understand their actions and forgive them. Sophie ends up not getting married, and Donna finds out that her first-love Sam was the one she was meant to be with and ends of marrying him spontaneously.

The show has great songs, a beautiful set design and lots of dance numbers that everyone can relate to.  For a great night out and to support a local cause, click on the link below to buy online tickets or just show up at the door.