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Mayor Moran Announces Infrastructural Improvements to The Pagoda

Mayor Moran Announces Infrastructural Improvements to The Pagoda

Mayor Eddie Morán announced that the interior and surrounding property of the City’s iconic building “The Pagoda” will remain close to the public. Access will be temporarily interrupted due to infrastructure improvements, traffic enhancements, and safety inspections.

COVID-19 restrictions may have promoted the closure of our landmark Pagoda, but the immediate need for improvements has extended it. Enhancements began with something minor, such as the flagpole, which required installing a new pulley system in early June.

The administration, Public Works specifically, is currently leading and overseeing the restoration project at The Pagoda that will include but is not limited to ADA accessibility and compliance, traffic patterns, street widening, and parking expansion (increase in ADA parking spaces).

City Council recently awarded a contract to Barwis Construction, a Birdsboro-based company, expected to begin operations after Labor Day weekend.

The beautification plan of The Pagoda also includes installing gates to regulate access to the skyline drive from dusk to dawn. Repaving and milling, additional (and new LED) lighting, repairs to the sidewalks, stairs and railings are part of the project expected to happen in the next phase.

“I ask our community to please understand and allow the professionals to do their best in preserving our precious yet old, iconic architecture gem. These improvements are essential for our residents’ and countless visitors’ safety. However, eliminating any immediate threats is equally important of the complete experience we have to offer.”

In addition, in early spring, geotechnical and structural engineers will assess the property, including the stone walls and foundation. Thereafter, the structure will be evaluated, which findings could aggregate imminent mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and historic upgrades.

Qualifying companies are encouraged to stay tuned to our requests for proposals (RFP) to be published in the PennBid portal relative to this project