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Local Business Owner Launches Original Card Game

Story written by Max X Hirneisen

Local Business Owner Launches Original Card Game
“Fight a Bear!!!” co-creators James Weir and Max Hirneisen pose with their game

Last Friday, Max Hirneisen owner and operator of Symbiote Collectibles hosted a launch party for his original game, “Fight a Bear!!!”

“Fight a Bear!!!” is a quirky, comedic, and engaging multiplayer game where players – campers – fight bears and sometimes each other to be the first to escape the forest.

Berks locals Hirneisen and his lifelong best friend James Weir have spent the last three years developing the game. The two have over five years of experience in the board game and toy market, and that experience helped them craft something entirely new while preserving classic tabletop expectations. “Fight a Bear!!!” is as easy to pick up as “Monopoly” and can be as complex as “Magic: The Gathering”.

To secure a copy of “Fight a Bear!!!” check out their Kickstarter. Each $35 pledge guarantees a copy of the game.

Symbiote Collectibles is Reading’s go-to shop for all things collectible, nostalgic, and fun. There’s something for everyone, and with the launch of “Fight a Bear!!!” there’s something totally new too!