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Album Review: Godmuffin – Mike Viola

by Charles Lull, Albright College

Oct 01, 2021

American singer-songwriter Mike Viola most recent work is a major disappointment- and I mean major.

Mike Viola is a singer-songwriter from Massachusetts and has worked with Candy Butchers and The Major Labels. Throughout his time with those bands, he was able to hone his songwriting craft and has produced some solid records. On his previous album, The American Egypt, he ditched his power pop style and focused on slower acoustic ballads, which worked very well on that record.

Sadly, he didn’t continue the trend on his latest release. While there area couple of gems, the tracks Creeper and That Seems Impossible Now showcase that very mature songwriting, those are the only two worth listening to . The song Drug Rug actually infuriated me- how can a stoner anthem be so uninspired and boring? Honorable Mention With Jam Show sounds slapped together,  it seriously sounded like Mike took two songs and forced them together even though they didn’t fit.

I question his decision to include inane audio snippets from the recording session- they add nothing to the atmosphere of the album generally, nor to any songs specifically.

I’m not sure what headspace Mike was in while making the song The Littles. The first half is not melodic- random sampling of synthesizer and conversation, whereas the second half is beautiful piano riffs and soft, soothing vocals. He ruined what could have been a great song and that seems to be a theme on this record- a good or even great song, ruined by something small. Ordinary Girl, one of the only songs that gets out of first gear is great, but sadly, near the end of the track, Mike’s voice fails him, and he simply misses the notes. This moment, which lasts maybe 6 seconds, ruins the moment, and ruins what could have been a great tune.

Mike should be ashamed because his previous record, is actually great. Godmuffin is a tiring listen and I do not recommend it, but you should listen to American Egypt- his previous album.

Rating: 3/10

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