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Album Review: Stripped – Faouzia


Oct 29, 2021

The Context:

Looking for songs to add to an empowering playlist? Make sure you add Moroccan Pop singer Faouzia’s Stripped album. Singing independently, her music career skyrocketed at just 15 years old. Skip to present day, the 21-year-old has used her phenomenal abilities to impress and capture audiences all over the world, mirroring Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande’s whistle ranges, she can easily hit any note. From recording studios to acoustic, there’s really no difference. Along with her ability to speak fluent French and Arabic, it allows her to broaden the music spectrum through her own collision of culture and styles. Her voice is exceptional in the music industry as a rising star, sporting a vibrato that’s similar to Judy Garland.

Faouzia has currently just finished her playlist of songs and recently has come out with her new song “Hero”. Working with multiple artists, her ethereal rising speaks to multiple individuals, demonstrating that they can achieve anything if you believe in yourself and have the power of confidence. She’s had collaborations with John Legend in a duet of “Minefields”, Galantis’s duet “I Fly” featured in the movie SCOOB!, David Guetta’s duet of “Battle”, and was featured in Ninho’s song “Money”, and last but not least happened to record her own cover of Kelly Clarkson’s song “I Dare You” in 2020. Multiple fans often describe her voice as an accentuating vibrato that uses resonance and multiple tonality scales to punctuate her singing. Working hard with other artists gave her experience and enough advice to last her a lifetime!

The Content:

Her fun-loving and friendly personality allows for a wonderful and elegant experience during live sessions in the recording studio or a live concert encounter. Stripped allows the listeners to understand that even in the overcoming darkness or standing up for oneself, it’s ok to do so. “Tears of Gold” symbolizes all the time and effort given into a relationship as money when the latter doesn’t make a commitment. Her songs go into deep soul-searching lyrics that reach out to her fans in special ways. “You Don’t Even Know Me” is about how Faouzia makes it clear that the person, even though one may love another, you don’t truly know someone. It gives insight to personal relationships and thoughts, how we might not know everything about one person. Lastly, “Born Without a Heart” is about how Faouzia felt like she was being hurt by an individual, where she now feels numb and heartless towards them and their emotions. Her grounding vocals are immense and produce immense emotive waves towards her fans. Faouzia is an artist who can put her whole heart into a song and expect nothing in return.

The Skinny:

Faouzia is a forgiving and respectful of everyone she meets, her way of communicating brings a strong bond to the table. At concerts or even watching a live recording session brings a comfortable and loving atmosphere. Her personality is what gears her music, putting her emotions and love for music into her songs and duets creates a beautiful picture of familial friendship with her fans, and other artists. Using her ability to create, write, and produce her own songs while playing the piano and violin gives a straight picture to what she is capable of. Her voice is magnificent and brings an aesthetic vintage style to the music industry. Adding Faouzia to your playlist is a must if you want to experience a satisfying heart-searching tune.

The Rating: 8.5/10

Stripped Album

  1. “How It All Works Out”
  2. “Bad Dreams”
  3. “Tears of Gold”
  4. “You Don’t Even Know Me”
  5. “100 Band-Aids”
  6. “Born Without a Heart”

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