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Album Review: Simple Syrup – Sunny War Review

by Charles Lull, Albright College - WXAC

Album Review: Simple Syrup – Sunny War Review

Simple Syrup is an honest portrait, ripe full of introspection and vivid descriptions about everyday life in COVID-America.

With the sun rising, this record plays gently in the background—while I sit with a warm cup of tea as company. As I listen to the album, I can feel something change, the exact moment when I understood.

Many won’t get this; I was right there with them. The slow tempo and dreary lyrics were hard to get through. This record deals with heavy topics, veterans with PTSD, the ever-diminishing environment, and life during COVID. Once the listener gets through these difficult topics, this album is a true gem.

Once the album got to the joints with more instrumentation, songs like Mama’s Milk, Losing Hands, and Love is a Pest, I understood what Sunny was going for. This album has lush and full-bodied instrumentation that leaves nothing but the listener tapping along to the guitar plucking. These tracks specifically will have the listener wanting to put on a flannel and walk around an apple orchard.

While I do think some of the slower cuts are good, too, Kiss A Loser is a biographical ode to her own drunken self. The slower songs just don’t leave the same impact that more upbeat tracks do. I think the musicianship on this record is great; many tracks left me tapping my foot and humming along to the melodies.

The song Eyes hooked me in once again. It’s fun and full of energy and passion making this one of the best songs of the year. It’s nearly perfect, and I just wish they brought more theremin into the mix. Other than that one minor complaint, it’s an excellent song and easily the best on the record.

I will say, this record wil take some time for the listener to grasp fully. While that may be a negative for some, this allows the album to grow and fully ingrain itself inside listener’s head.

Overall I think this record is excellent- a perfect album for a dreary morning, a chill day or any day the you want to feel the blues.

The Rating: 8/10