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Mayor Morán To Host Mental Health Webinars Series

Mayor Morán To Host Mental Health Webinars Series

READING: Mayor Eddie Morán announced today he is hosting a weekly mental health webinar series on Tuesdays that will launch on November 30th at 6 p.m.

“Due to the nature of my position, my presence in the community, and previous employment, I know first hand that our community may lack resources, orientation, and support to address their mental health needs,” said Mayor Morán. “Consequently, when presented with the opportunity to host this mental health series led by professionals in the field, I committed my team to make it happen. My goal is for everyone who tunes in to find valuable information so they can better understand their emotions, the resources available to them, and what to do when a crisis erupts in their homes.”

“The last eighteen months have been a challenging time for most of us as we have dealt with isolation, grief, loss of housing, employment, and other situations,” said partner Honorable Magisterial District Judge Tonya Butler. “All of these changes have led to instability and uncertainty, creating or exacerbating mental health issues. As a result, some people are struggling in silence, and others are doing well with the available resources. I hope that this mental health series will close the gap and provide hope and guidance to our community; the audience should relate to our panelists and feel comfortable as they are from our community for the most part.”

There will be four episodes focused on different topics, beginning Tuesday, November 30th at 6 p.m. The first episode will focus on Mental Health 101, where the panelists will define, discuss, and answer questions about disorders such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar. The format will allow for a few questions from the audience who can join the ZOOM webinar live (not from the Facebook or YouTube comment session).

Registration is required to join each of the webinars. Register at: