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Do It Local and Children’s Home Launch Exploration Eats Project

Do It Local and Children’s Home Launch Exploration Eats Project

This Holiday Season, Do It Local has accepted the challenge to bring the Exploration Eats Program to life for the kids at the Children’s Home of Reading. Exploration Eats will teach children Culture Diversity and Inclusiveness through food during difficult times.

A percentage for each meal ordered during this 2-Week Family Meal PopUp Challenge will be donated back to the Children’s Home of Reading to support the launch of this program in 2022.

Challenge Dates: Dec 7th-Dec 16th Please consider purchasing as many meals as possible from our 6 day Children’s Home of Reading Challenge!

To order:

  1. Click on the PopUp date/location you are interested in from the online calendar.

    • Click HERE to view the online calendar!

  2. Choose your Meal(s) & check out! (Preorders only – so place your orders today!)

  3. On your PopUp date, you will receive an email reminder with your pick up window & address. Simply drive up to the location, give your name, and your meal will be placed in your car for you! Easy, fun, and quick curbside service! (No need to get out of your car.)

Want to support our Children’s Home of Reading challenge even more? Check out these Add-Ons!!

Thank you for making this holiday season brighter for those less fortunate while also supporting these amazing local restaurant partners!

Questions or ideas about Family Meal PopUps? Send an email to Heather: [email protected]

Click HERE to visit the Children’s Home of Reading’s website to learn more about the Exploration Eats Program as well as other amazing things our friends at the Children’s Home of Reading are doing throughout Berks County for our kids.

Questions or ideas about Exploration Eats Program? Contact The Children’s Home of Reading 610-478-8266 ext. 1249.