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BCTV Kicks Off New Initiative with the Health of the Community at ‘Heart’

BCTV Kicks Off New Initiative with the Health of the Community at ‘Heart’

Beginning this month, BCTV is launching campaigns to connect Berks County with up-to-date health information and to promote healthy living. Monthly themes will be announced and promoted with messaging distributed across the media organization’s multiple platforms.

February is nationally recognized as American Heart Month. This is a time for raising awareness of the importance of cardiovascular health, and BCTV will be highlighting statistics, local resources, and health tips throughout the month of February.

For American Heart Month 2022, the American Heart Association is encouraging citizens to reclaim their heart health after new data showed increased rates of heart disease and stroke, as well as reports of lower physical and emotional health, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the AHA, “Over the past two years, evidence suggests many people have adopted unhealthy behaviors like skipping exercise, eating unhealthy foods, drinking more alcohol and using tobacco, which can all increase the risk for heart disease and stroke. Additionally, people who had mild cases of COVID-19 may have changes to their heart and brain health as a consequence of their encounter with the virus.”

Some recommendations for creating a healthy, heart-conscious lifestyle include:

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