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Albright College Freedman Gallery Opens Two New Exhibits

by Albright College

Albright College Freedman Gallery Opens Two New Exhibits

Alumnus Brian P. Cavanaugh, class of 2008, studied art and digital media before going to Pratt Institute, where he received an M.F.A. As an artist, designer and data enthusiast, Cavanaugh explores the intersections of art, technology and digital culture by drawing inspiration and data from online social networks to visualize information.

As it did for many, the pandemic upended Cavanaugh’s life, and he stopped working creatively to focus on family. However, he found inspiration in Giorgia Lupi’s visualization of life during lockdown published by the New York Times, and then turned to his own photo library of 7,870 photos from 2020 to collect data. Continuing his work with pixel and color, he created new works of a very personal nature, which are now on view in the Project Space through April 24. For more insight into the artist’s creativity, read the critical essay by Joel Carreiro, artist and professor at Hunter College, which appears in the trifold publication. You can also join us for the following free events:

The gallery is open Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday, 1-4 p.m. We are closed on Monday and Saturday and during regularly scheduled College breaks or closures announced due to extreme weather conditions. Masks are required to be worn inside all campus buildings.

“Lisa Crafts: Glass Gardens” is now on view in the Foyer Gallery through April 24. “Glass Gardens” is an animated allegory of the role creativity plays in the survival of the human spirit. The protagonist wanders the dystopian ruins of a consumer culture, gathering relics, and creating new works. “Glass Gardens” is a black and white graphite-on-paper, cut-out animation. The film utilizes a variety of animation techniques: cutout sequential drawings, jointed characters, drawing and erasing under the camera, replacement animation, and in-camera special effects. The original was shot on 16mm film on Crafts’ homemade animation stand. A free trifold with essay by guest curator, Honor Wilkinson, is available, and the artist will present a virtual lecture via Zoom on Sunday, April, 3 p.m. This is an Experience event for credit for students. For more information about the artist, follow her on Instagram @quixotica3 and visit