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Spotlight: BCCF Sustainable Energy Fund and Solarflex

by The Berks Alliance

Spotlight: BCCF Sustainable Energy Fund and Solarflex

Join us on April 28th for our Spotlight on BCCF Sustainable Energy Fund and Solarflux

Berks County Community Foundation manages a Sustainable Energy Fund whose purpose is to support:

This fund has supported over four dozen projects in Berks County, making a significant impact on our community.  One of the projects supported by the Berks County Community Foundation Sustainable Energy Fund is Solarflux. Solarflux has invented an innovative solar technology produce designed to use solar power to generate heat energy.

Solarflux has created a parabolic dish that efficiently concentrates solar energy  and converts it to thermal energy.  This heat can then be used to heat and cool facilities, as well as in industrial processes and to serve as a remote power source.

Join us as we turn our spotlight on the Sustainable Energy Fund and one of its local beneficiaries, Solarflux.

Learn more about the Sustainable Energy Fund here:

And learn more about Solarflux here:

When: Apr 28, 2022 12:00 PM EST

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