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Working to bring better broadband to Berks County – Community Survey

Working to bring better broadband to Berks County – Community Survey

The Covid Pandemic has clearly underscored the importance of having access to affordable, reliable high speed internet service.  Berks County, working in partnership with several community organizations, has commissioned a strategic plan to expand access and help close the digital divide in our region. A letter from the County Commissioners provides important background on this project.  To support this effort, a survey has been developed by the county to identify the gaps in service as well as satisfaction with existing service.  This information is essential to developing an effective plan.

Read the Broadband Letter.

There are areas of the county that do not currently have access to high speed service.  There are other areas that have access to broadband, but it is not high speed and reliable enough.  And there are residents of the county who lack access due to other factors, such as cost, lack of technology or the ability to use the equipment and service.  This strategic plan is designed to help address all of these challenges.

It is important to get as much information as possible from across the county.  Please take the time to complete this survey and then share it with others — your employees, co-workers, customers, patients, neighbors and friends wherever they are in the county.  The survey will remain open until Friday, June 6th, but we hope that you will complete it and share it as soon as possible.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.  At the end of the survey, you will have the opportunity to test you upload and download speeds.  This is also very helpful information.

Thanks for your help with this important project, which will help enable the county to develop plan for helping expand access to this important infrastructure.  A Spanish language version of the survey is being developed.  We will share that with you as soon as it is available.

There is a link to the survey in the letter from the County Commissioners, but it is also available below with accompanying text in English and Spanish. Please share this with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and other residents and businesses in the county.

Survey Narrative: (English)

In an effort to identify the level of Internet access and connectivity that residents have within Berks County, we are asking that you complete a short survey. The data collected will significantly assist with obtaining local, state, and federal broadband funding to provide additional resources for our families. The survey can be accessed at Thank you in advance for your time in taking this survey!

Survey Narrative: (Spanish)

En un esfuerzo por identificar el nivel de acceso a Internet y conectividad que tienen los Berks County residentes, le pedimos que complete una breve encuesta. Los datos recopilados ayudarán enormemente a obtener fondos de banda ancha locales, estatales y federales para proporcionar recursos adicionales a nuestros familias. Se puede acceder a la encuesta en ¡Gracias de antemano por su tiempo en responder esta encuesta!