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Album Review: Welcome to Doc City – Doc City

by Charles Lull, Albright College

Album Review: Welcome to Doc City – Doc City

Welcome to Doc City is a passionate debut record centered around jazz and R&B.

The enchanting feel can only be expressed through the music itself. It’s refreshing to hear something so pure of heart and passionate about the music behind it. In Welcome to Doc City, the second that the record starts, it puts the listener in a good mood. Tracks like What Love Is, Did You Choose, and Your Ego Too are some of the best jazz tunes I heard in a while. Especially Your Ego Too. There’s something about the vocals and the song’s speed makes me want to get up and dance the night away.

Typically, this is where I would badger about an element of this record that is less exciting or arguably worse than the better parts, but that moment does not exist on this record. The album transitions from fun and upbeat jazz cuts to smooth and sultry R&B songs that make the record feel whole. The best example of the R&B side of this record is I’ll Still Be There For You. It doesn’t matter who you are or what situation you are in. Put this song on and it will make you feel like you are now experiencing an entire life that you never had before. The singing and the gentle instrumentation add so much to the atmosphere of this record. The following song also carries the same feeling. If there is one small thing to gripe over, it is that When You Are Near doesn’t feel quite right in between the two of the most upbeat and lively tracks; if it were reserved for later in the tracklisting, I think I would like the song a little more.

Initially, when hearing the softer side of this record, it didn’t click with me as well as the jazz side. But once you sit down and listen to everything that’s happening in the song, you fully appreciate everything going on. This record is something I highly recommend for anyone who has the slightest interest in either Jazz or R&B. I even would recommend this to someone who is trying to get into both genres because this is not only a great listen but an accessible one too. Moments on this record will make you ponder life, and the next songs will make you want to get up and groove along to the music. This is an excellent record and something everyone should give a shot.

Rating: 9/10