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Album Review: Get Free – Sam Weber

by Charles Lull, Albright College

Album Review: Get Free – Sam Weber

Weber provides a comfortable yet harsh look on reality on his fifth album.

I got something from this album that I wasn’t expecting. A sense of melancholy. Yet, I feel better at the end of the record. Like after a long day of nonstop work, it feels like wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket, lighting some candles, and enjoying the record’s pleasant atmosphere. This feeling of pleasant surprise is perfectly explained from the opening track. While the first verse didn’t appeal to me, once it got to the chorus, the very subtle cello notes make you feel like you are on top of a windswept mountain. The epic feel of the chorus may not hit you as a listener if you are just casually throwing this record on in the background, but several tracks throughout this project have small moments of reflection, and it’s lovely.

While this record doesn’t have many anthems, the thing that will make me come back to this record is the songwriting. Just the words penned for these tracks could make a romance film. For example, on Truth or Lie, the opening lyrics are “My girl got engaged to some guy before she even knew my name.” That’s not to say there aren’t more upbeat songs on this record; Survival and Money are two prime examples of absolute barn-burners that will make anyone want to pump up their firsts.

My only real issue with this album is how many of the songs sound similar. It’s hard to distinguish a track like Everyone compared to a track like Nowhere Bound. While these are both great songs, and the latter has some haunting choral vocals, it’s hard to pick out specific tracks that sound different or unique. Otherwise, if you want to hear something that sounds like Hozier and are waiting for his next album, give this album a shot.

Best Tracks: Truth or Lie, Get out of the Game, Survival, Nowhere Bound, Here’s to the Future, and Money

Rating: 6/10