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Album Review: Power Trio – Danko Jones

by Krystal Perez, Albright College

Album Review: Power Trio – Danko Jones

Rockin trio Danko Jones has been bodying stages and speakers since ‘96, and after 25 years in their heated passion for music they still deliver all the goods. Down to the last chord and syllable. From Gold and Platinum records to spending weeks on European and Canadian airplay charts and sales; Danko takes rock n roll in its purest form and makes it feel timeless, yet current. The trio continues to tour relentlessly; selling out headline shows, and opening for artists like Ozzy, GNR, The Rolling Stones and Motorhead while playing massive festivals around the globe.

This has to be my favorite album I have had the pleasure to review thus far. I friggin LOVE IT! Power Trio is a nonstop surge of high-energy, thoroughly positive, hands-on rock’n’roll savagery. There are several bangers on the album, but one of the best tracks has gotta be “Blue Jean Denim Jumpsuit”. A sleazy, slithery head thrasher that is wild and ridiculously ear-pleasing. That’s only one of them off this eleven track wonder!

The opening cruncher “I Want Out” and the slightly sped, but very much rocking groove of “Saturday” presents a highly exposed nature of crude and raucous rock. The almost rambling character in the vocal approach on “Good Looking” (my personal fav) gives another standout moment by finding the band almost completely steering away from the punk paradigm, into pure blues rock territory. “Ship Of Lies” starts dropping the energy level a bit, but keeps the thunder rolling. While “Raise Some Hell” hits a somewhat mid-tempo lassitude, but jumps back with the upbeat stride of “Get To You”, with its grit and attitude.

The raucous energy fully returns on “Dangerous Kiss” and the punk-driven fit of intensity “Flaunt It”. The album ends with a guitar happy closer on “Start The Show” that I personally found unfitting. I feel like this album would have been PHENOMENAL if they continued to hit the ground running with the same rock n roll flare they had at the start.

Especially since the song was made as a final precursor, it just seemed to go bland when it started off with so much flavor. I’m not going to lie, I was mildly disappointed in the end. However, this will definitely not stop me from listening to the other ten tracks on a loop.